Information about God and the Tao

     So you are a Buddhist or Taoist, the great expanse of eternity is the Tao, it is an enigma, no explanation is good enough to describe it's indefiniteness, it is brilliant and nothing can compare to it, it truly is a part and law of nature.


     It is far superior to God as it can not have lesser deities, have you ever heard of a Demi-Tao, I think not, it's the undisputed one and only of it's kind, it has some of the attributes of God, and with more humility, it has always existed and always will, it is the great bellows of existence that breathes in and out all manifestations.


     It simply is, it only requires balance to maintain a positive outcome in life, it is everywhere and nowhere, it does not follow and can not be followed, it is the sum total of all that is perceived and not perceived, it is less personable than God seems to be, yet is not lacking in any of the apparent power, it is omnipresent, being everywhere, I believe it does have an endless supply of power that can be accessed only by God, yet it has never been claimed to be omniscient (all knowing, all wise, all seeing).


     The Tao is not in competition with God, they are but aspects of each other.

I like to consider the Tao as the home of God, it is the medium from which God works, it is what God built heaven from. The Tao is the canvas of eternal infinity and God is the artist, the two are inseparable, quite possibly one in the same, God performs the manifestations and the Tao provides the medium with which to use.


     The Tao believes in reincarnation, because when an imbalance is created in the Tao, an opportunity to re-balance must be provided for, Karma is the score keeper, and the debt must be settled.

Everything abides by cosmic law which is provided for by the Tao, all of the apparent emptiness of space (dark matter and or dark energy) is where the ether or the protoplasmic energy resides that God works with to create all that is.


     If there had to be a holy trinity, it would have to be the Tao, God and all of creation, even though Buddhists and Taoists do not believe in God, they also do not claim that the Tao is an intelligent entity, but it stands to reason that some sort of intelligence would have to maintain the complexity of Karmic effects and reincarnations to equalize the same.


     God is the only one that is claimed to be omniscient (all knowing, all wise and all seeing), the Tao only requires balance. If you think that you know the Tao, you do not know the Tao and if you think that you know God, you must know love for all that is.


Nature of Tao
Creation Of God

Tao Creation, Straight from God

God's Creation, Straight from the Tao

God is Tao?


What are you, nuts? How can you possibly think that my God is the Tao?


What makes you think that "The Way" has anything to do with some God? These are valid concerns.


Since there is no valid all encompassing description for either of these two concepts, why can they not be different aspects of the same thing?


I would never assume to limit either of these two concepts, I don't even fully understand these ideas of reality, but I can join them together as part of one in the same eternity.


I guess that there can never be a full understanding about either of these two, but it does seem that they stand for the same thing in general and me being a product of them can have no other choice than to not limit my beliefs.


Had enough yet? Too Personal?... Not personal enough? Possibly I can believe in one and just allow the other be in the background taking up the slack so to speak, or will I venture to be bold and fuse the two together?


Stupid questions? Or not enough answers? How about just thinking of them as "All That Is"? That should cover my options, much less personal and all inclusive, no jealousies, just like peanut butter on my chocolate or was it chocolate in my peanut butter?

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